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A Reason to Celebrate

This past weekend we celebrated my sweet and spicy seven-year-old’s birthday.

She embodies everything I want for my clients. Fearlessness, unshakable self-confidence, and an abundance of self-love. I remind myself that she is the personification of my message and mission every time she pushes my buttons by being...well, fearless, self-confident and self-loving versus whatever I am wanting her to be in that moment.

So, it's daily. I remind myself of this daily.

I tease a little, but the truth is she teaches me so much about confidence and coaching on a daily basis and this weekend was no exception. Her moment of inspiration came when I asked her what she liked most about her birthday. Full disclosure, there is a LOT to like when it’s your birthday in our family.

🎉First of all, you wake up to find the downstairs completely decorated in your favorite color or theme.

🎉Second, you get to have ice cream for breakfast. This is a borrowed tradition from my niece and it’s pretty sweet (literally).

🎉Third, you get to open presents first thing in the morning.

You get the drift. There's a lot to love about birthdays over here. So, when I asked her what her favorite part was, I definitely expected the answer to be ice cream or one of the other reasons noted in the list above. But her response was even better.

She said, "I like that today we celebrate me."

I loved this response because it affirmed we were doing it right. My daughter felt special on her birthday which was exactly what we wanted.

But that message and feeling is one I hope you feel each and every day. Birthdays are awesome (especially if you're having ice cream for breakfast) but there are 364 other days of the year where you can and should be celebrating you.

🎉Woke up with your alarm versus hitting snooze? Let's celebrate!

🎉Started a new workout routine? Let's party!

🎉Spoke up in the meeting? Woo HOO!

🎉Cleaned out the junk drawer? You go girl!!!

When was the last time you celebrated YOU? When was the last time you acknowledged how awesome you are and how proud you are of YOU?

Take time today to celebrate you.

Maybe it's just a quiet moment at the end of the day where you put pen to paper and write down three things you are proud of accomplishing today. Perhaps it's a conversation at the dinner table where you and your family all celebrate each other's achievements of the day. Or maybe you have ice cream for breakfast just because.

Each day you wake up is an opportunity. Don't wait for the birthdays or momentous moments to celebrate you. Start today.

Being YOU is the reason to celebrate, today and every day.

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