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Becoming a Boss

Today is the first National Entrepreneur's Day where I can officially call myself an entrepreneur. I used to note this day from the sidelines, cheering on the brave, confident and fearless folks who went all in on their dreams. But I was not one of them.

For years I fought the idea of launching my own business or being my own boss. Even when I was in PR and the vice president of my firm, there was always someone who had more “skin in the game” than me and I was thankful for it.

My friends and family always encouraged me to open up my own shop, but I was always too scared to do it. I was scared of failing. Scared of judgment. Scared of letting others down. Letting myself down.

By focusing on what I was scared of, I could never see the opportunity and excitement that came with being an entrepreneur. I could only see the negatives and the worst-case scenarios.

I often say to my clients, “You will find what you focus on.” When you are focusing on the risk, then you will never find the reward. If you are focusing on the fear, then you can’t cultivate courage.

But the past two years allowed me to shift my focus. The pandemic made it very clear that life can change in an instant and NOW is the time. Now is the time to face fears, to make positive changes, to grow, to fail and learn.

The old saying goes, life is not a dress rehearsal. And I as I embark on my entrepreneurial journey, I am going to live life like every day is opening night. I am going to approach being a life coach as the role of a lifetime.

There is no use in just going through the motions and not going all-in on everything – especially your dreams. For me, helping others, supporting women, cheering on teenage girls, being a small part of their growth and evolution – this is the life of my dreams. But I could not live that life without facing my fears, shifting my focus to what’s possible, and acknowledging how lucky I am to be able to pursue this dream. And that’s what I did and continue to do every day.

This year I officially became a business owner, establishing Leslie Randolph Coaching, LLC to help women and girls get to know, love and believe in themselves. I also launched The Coach Chronicles, a platform to share my journey and insights with others.

So, on National Entrepreneur’s Day, I celebrate with my fellow entrepreneurs who shifted their focus, faced their fears and chose to live the life of their dreams. Not only did they do that the day they launched their websites, established their LLCs, or opened their business bank accounts…they do that every day. I am proud to be one of them, I am humbled to be in their company, and I am excited about what lies ahead for us all.

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