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I Can Admit When I'm Wrong...

As you know, I launched my new podcast Why Didn’t They Tell Us? on December 1. And like any new baby, I thought long and hard about the name. You might actually be one of the friends and family members I polled for opinions.

But when Why Didn’t They Tell Us? came to me I knew in my heart that it was the ONE. It so perfectly summed up everything I wanted to share on the show.

❤️ The lessons I learned late in life that I wish I had known as a teen.

❤️ The messages I tell my teenage clients (and my adult clients who still have a teen in them).

❤️ The lessons I am still learning every day because this work is never-ending.

Why didn’t they tell us these things sooner?

Well, apparently they did. Apparently, they told us in second grade. Who knew!?!

I tease a little, but today’s episode of Why Didn't They Tell Us?, shares five life-changing lessons I learned (or maybe relearned) during my kids’ end of year parent teacher conferences. They are simple yet transformative.

In our teens and as we get older, we adapt an eye-roll response to these messages in a “you’re just saying that” kind of way. But I urge you to listen to these lessons with curiosity of what your life would look like if you believed them to be true and starting living like they were.

You can tune in today’s episode here. If you like what you hear, please follow the show, leave a review and, forward to a friend so we can spread these words of wisdom and lessons of {self} love to all.

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