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Mind Over Matter (Muscle Too)

When approaching the finish line, is it your legs or your mind that gets you through? Where does that strength come from?

There have been countless times when I finish a workout with absolutely nothing left in my tank but sheer determination. Truly. I have exerted every inch of physical strength I have available to me, but somehow, I am able to keep going. It is when I am at my physical breaking point that something else switches on inside me.

I believe your mind takes over at a certain point and that’s what carries you through to the end. The same is true for challenges and goals beyond workouts.

The power of your mind is what will get you through to the finish line where dreams are realized, and goals are achieved. The trick is to let it. The trick is to manage your mind to ensure it is propelling you forward versus holding you back. That it is cheering you on versus telling you to stop.

Your mind will tell you to stop. It will try to keep you safe, and that safety exists in your comfort zone. The finish line does not. The finish line exists only in discomfort.

At a certain point, you have to choose which voice to listen to. Which voice to believe. The one telling you to keep going or the one urging you to stop.

Just a like a workout, you will be exhausted when you are going after a massive goal or chasing a dream. You will be uncomfortable. You will doubt your ability to keep going. Your fear will bring on fatigue.

You will want to quit.

It would be so much easier to just quit.

To just take a break.

But if you keep going and make it to the finish line - through the exhaustion and the discomfort and the doubt - then you will be a different person on the other side of it.

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