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NOT a Sale, But a Message That Will Save You

When I first started coaching, so many of you came to me expressing a desire to feel happier and experience more joy. Whether or not this was you specifically, I know you can relate.

We all just want to feel good.

And, in turn, feel less awful.

Overwhelmed, anxious, worried, scared, insecure.

These icky feelings take up your precious emotional landscape that no doubt you would prefer to preserve for alternative feelings like calm, courageous, and confident.

Lucky for you, I am going to give you a powerful prescription that you can take at any time to help you feel happier. And don’t just take my word for it. This mindful medicine is backed by science and, in addition to helping you feel happier, it allows you to feel other positive emotions. As if that wasn’t already the golden ticket, this one trick can also improve your health, help you deal with adversity, build strong relationships and appreciate good times.

What is this magical offering I speak of?


Listen, this isn't just Leslie the Life Coach talk. There are oodles of studies confirming that practicing gratitude - even for a few minutes a day - can improve all these aspects of your life.

Gratitude is an easy sell the day before Thanksgiving, but I urge you to bring this emotion into your every day so you can experience its bevvy of benefits frequently. Here are a few ways to cultivate gratitude daily:

❤️ Start a gratitude journal and begin each day by noting three things for which you are grateful. I always take note of the fact that I am alive to simply do this practice. To have breath in your body is always a reason to be grateful.

❤️ Call someone you love and tell them you appreciate them. THIS is such a good one because not only will it fill you with gratitude, but it will also fill them with love and appreciation.

❤️ Practice gratitude with meditation by simply closing your eyes (sitting or even lying down) and repeating, "I am thankful for another day to be me." LOVE this one it reminds you how lucky you are to be you (cue the confidence) and how lucky the world is because you are part of it.

❤️ Go around the dinner table and take turns sharing something you are grateful for. Let's spread this gratitude goodness like confetti!

You deserve to feel good. Bring gratitude into your daily life beyond Thanksgiving and start enjoying the benefits.

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