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The Post Should Contain Confetti

That's right...we are celebrating big time today!

First of all, it's my birthday. And not just any birthday. It's my 40th which feels like a momentous milestone within itself. Don't worry if you didn't get me a gift, I am telling you exactly what I want below so keep reading.

I've felt all the feels leading up to today, but I am focusing my heart and head on gratitude. As you get older, it becomes abundantly clear how blessed you are to toast another circle around the sun.

But my gratitude is more so for the past version of me that made today possible. If you've been here since the beginning, you might know that today also marks my one-year business anniversary.

Holy moly, grateful doesn't seem like a big enough word to capture the way I feel about hitting this milestone. The past year and the road leading up to it were filled with failures, fear, anxiety like I have never known, and so much self doubt. And I am a confidence coach!!

But I am sitting here, on the other side of those emotions, celebrating the fact that I allowed them to be part of the journey - not a reason to quit.

To celebrate these epic occasions, I got us both a present. It's my new podcast, Why Didn't They Tell Us?

Tune in to the first few episodes today (there's that gift I was telling you about 😉) then you'll understand why this is for both of us.

For me, this is literally a dream come true. You'll hear why in Episode 1.

For you, I am sharing lessons I learned late in life so you can know better sooner. Why Didn't They Tell Us? will tackle topics and insights gained from coaching humans ages 13 to 75, as well as my own personal experiences from being an eternal work in progress. In the first few episodes I teach you how to set goals and how to change your life...and this party is just getting started!!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts about the show and your ideas for future episodes so be sure to send them my way. Like a wedding DJ, I take requests.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for being part of the past year and for helping me spread the {self} love to make this world a better place.

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