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The Choice is Yours

Like so many, I decided to take some time off at the end of the year. I made the conscious choice to completely unplug from my business.

This is new and foreign to me. For as long as I have been a working woman, I have always clocked in the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve…and I always hated it. I quietly resented the people who were off with their families and so wanted to be one of them. I just never thought I could take that time off. In fact, I have always been terrible at taking time off EVER. I am a DO-er. I do. I have to do.

But this year I decided to take that week I always wished I had off.

Instead of doing I was going to focus on just being.

❤️ Being present with my kids.

❤️ Being present with my husband.

❤️ Being present with my thoughts.

❤️ Being present with my feelings.

And I was totally okay with this because I was going to hit the ground running on January 1 (Pssst...did I mention I am a doer? That means even my downtime has an itinerary). I would have oodles of inspiration stocked up from my time away and I was going to sit down, get pen to paper and start creating. Wisdom would flow like water once the New Year started and I would be back better than ever…refreshed, recharged and ready.

⭐ Ready to support you in making your dreams come true.

⭐ Ready to inspire you to take massive action in your own life.

⭐ Ready to show you what’s possible.

Well, the universe had other plans. Plans that were out of my control. Plans that did not align with mine. Plans that forced me to change all my plans and focus all that recharged energy on myself and my family.

So, January 1 was not the day I hit the ground running. Neither was the 2…or the 3...or the 4.

And that’s ok. It’s perfect. The greatest gift I received from coaching is the humbling reminder that I cannot control the world. But I can always control how I respond to it.

Not going to lie, this took me a minute.

When I realized I was going to miss my self-imposed start date I definitely panicked. I created a story in my head about everything I was “missing” and even how I was letting you down. I kept focusing on what went wrong.

After my very necessary, but short, pity party I dusted myself off and coached myself back (and reached out for some support too). From there, I was able to get some distance from my own thoughts and remembered that my perspective is my superpower.

How did I want to use that power?

Did I want to focus on the negative or find the lesson to learn?

Did I want to think everything went wrong or believe that it all happened as it was meant to?

I am choosing the latter.

In a world that feels a little crazy, with so much that feels out of control, I am choosing to believe in my ability to handle whatever comes my way. I am choosing to believe in me.

What do you choose?

I have talked to so many of you whose new year also didn’t start as expected. I wanted to share this story to let you know you’re not alone. There will always be circumstances out of your control, but what you choose to make that mean, how you feel and how you show up - that is always in your control. What you choose to believe - that too is up to you.

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