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Leslie Randolph

Certified Life Coach

I am Leslie Randolph and I am a Life Coach. I help teenage girls, working women, and moms manage their minds, cultivate confidence, set goals, and live the life of their dreams.

Before pursuing my dream of becoming a Life Coach, I worked in public relations and helped businesses write and share their stories with the masses. I was a storyteller, and I was a professional cheerleader for my clients.

As a Life Coach, I am still a storyteller and a cheerleader

but now I am helping humans versus businesses and brands.

I am cheering on teenage girls as they find and amplify their own voices. I am helping working women rewrite their story from a theme of imposter syndrome to one of unshakable self-confidence. I am supporting moms who struggle with worry and anxiety - some of whom believe they have lost their purpose and passion.

I am challenging women to get very intentional on what they want.

I am inviting women to believe in themselves. 

I am empowering women to live limitless lives.

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