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Back to School, Back to You
A six-week intimate, interactive, and inspirational group coaching experience for women

School is back in session, routines are back in rhythm.


Yet with the comfort of the day-to-day comes a yearning for more. A nagging that something is missing.

Something you might've lost along the way. Something you never knew you needed or dared say aloud. 

Find it here at Back to School, Back to You. Find you. 

Let me show you how...

Image by Morgan Sessions

Imagine how it would feel to....

🌻 See the opportunities where before you only saw obstacles

🌻 Feel more in control of your life and firmly believe in your ability to create and achieve anything you want

🌻 Be giving yourself the love, light, time and energy that you so freely give to others

🌻 Be taking care of yourself and cheering yourself on

We only have this one life to live yet somewhere along the way we forget the beauty and blessing that comes with each waking day. 

Hello, gorgeous!

Leslie Randolph Headshot.jpg

My name is Leslie Randolph. I am a Certified Life Coach and the Chief Wisdom Officer at The Coach Chronicles, where I share insights gained and lessons learned from coaching and being an eternal work in progress.

Signing up for Back to School, Back to You is like getting a Master's Degree in self-love. Throughout these six weeks, you will be reminded of your dreams. Your worth. You will start giving yourself the same love, support, energy, and attention you give everyone else in your world. And I will be cheering you on every step of the way!

You will confront the obstacles that have been standing between you and the life of your dreams. You will identify and implement strategies to create whatever you want in this one and only life of yours. Above all, you will have new or renewed belief in YOU. With that, anything is possible. 

Image by Myles Tan

You might think the life of your dreams is impossible but I promise that the greatest obstacles you face are ones you have put up for yourself.


These barriers seem so real. So tangible.


The source of our suffering is always your thinking.

Your thinking is not just the soundtrack playing in your head -

it is the roadmap of your life.


When you are telling yourself your dream is impossible, YOU are creating the obstacle.


When you tell yourself it is too hard, YOU are making it too hard. When you believe you can't then you won't. When you believe in yourself, anything is possible

Back to School, Back to You

A six-week intimate, interactive, and inspirational coaching group for women

What to expect over your six week journey


Week One: Tools and Takeaways

You will start your coaching journey by exploring where you are currently and where you want to be at the end of the six weeks. In the very first session, you will learn a transformative coaching tool and understand how to use it to create positive change in your life.


Week Two: Don't Stop Believing 

Week two will focus on managing your mindset and confronting your current belief system. In this session we will discuss and dissect the beliefs you currently have and determine if they helping you create the life of your dreams. You will also identify new intentional beliefs that support your self-love story.


Week Three: All The Feels


The third session will focus on feelings and why they are so important. We will discuss what emotions are, where they come from, how to process emotions, and how to create emotions that align with the life of your dreams.


Week Four: My Side of The Mirror

In week four, you will look at the life you’ve created and decide what needs to change for it to be the life of your dreams. This session will provide the opportunity to make peace with your past and allow to move forward with clarity and confidence.


Week Five: Get it Done

Now that you are super clear on what you want and fully believe in your ability to create it, you will start taking massive action. In this session, you will learn a proven goal setting process and put it in to action to achieve whatever you desire.


Week Six: The Future’s So Bright

In the culmination session, you will reflect on what you’ve learned and accomplished over the past six weeks and plan for how you will continue the work beyond classroom.

What you get:

When & Where

Start: September 15, 2022

End: October 20, 2022

When: Every Thursday at 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Bright Bowls Studio
777 Central Avenue
Highland Park, IL 60035

🌻 Six group coaching sessions (1 hour each)

💛 Two one-on-one coaching sessions booked at your convenience within the duration of the program

📖 An interactive workbook to guide you through the six-week course

 The incomparable experience of shared transformation for you and your coaching crew.

$497 /one-time payment!


What if you could be done with.....

🛑  Lack of joy, clarity, confidence, love and laughter.

🛑 A lack of connection with self and those you love the most in the world.

🛑 A feeling that there was meant to be more.

🛑 A feeling that the life you are living isn't exactly what you wanted.

🛑 Your daily routine and habits don't align with your priorities but you don't know where to begin to start making the change.

🛑 Overwhelm with your job and seemingly endless to-do list

🛑 Resentment in your marriage.

🛑 Flying off the handle and feeling out of control of your emotions.

Let me bring you back to you...

► I am a product of what I preach. I have personally experienced the transformative nature of this work. I have helped others experience the same shift in their lives and have watched their confidence grow and self-love soar.


► I have been every woman I aim to help - a mom overwhelmed by her to-do list, a woman consumed with anxiety about what is out of her control, a grown woman who feel she has lost her way and purpose, a working woman battling with imposter syndrome.


► I have come back from these places and did so by learning to manage my mind.

Think of something in your life that you love that YOU created. 

How did you do it?


It started by believing it was possible. From that belief you felt committed, inspired, motivated, courageous, determined - or some other alchemy of emotion that fueled you to take action.


And you kept going until you created exactly what you wanted.

That is what we will do together.

We will find what you want, what you need to do, feel, and believe to make it possible. It is less about how you do it and more about who you become along the way.

Let me take away your doubts

Why now?

When is the right time to start taking care of you? To start pursuing your dreams? To feel better? NOW is the time. The kids are back to school, it's time for you to get back to you. 

What if I don't know what I want?

That's ok. Come as you are, but just promise you'll come. This is why you must come. Because life is short. And, as we learned over the past few years, life is so very precious and everything can change so quickly. Don't just wait for a lightbulb to go off, your purpose to call, or the time to be right. Create it. Just start by being curious and believing in yourself. See what happens. You are worth it.

What if I cannot join a live session?

If you are unable to attend live, then you can watch the recorded session. In addition to your six group classes, you also have two one-on-one sessions to coach with me privately. Should you miss a session, we can use one of your private coaching sessions to explore the topic covered that week.

When will I start seeing the shift?

When you learn (see and believe) that managing your mind is the key to changing your life, the change starts immediately. You will start to feel differently and from that place you will start to take different actions to create different results in your life. The mindset is where the magic happens. 

Are the live sessions recorded? 

All live sessions will be recorded to watch afterwards if you are unable to attend, but they will not be accessible via Zoom for participation.

What can I expect from the one-to-one coaching sessions?

Anything and everything! Coaching is such a powerful process, and I am excited to include this offering within Back to School, Back to You. The one-one-one session is yours and you can bring whatever you want to the call. These sessions will take place via Zoom and will be scheduled at your convenience based on my availability. You can bring the goal you are working on, an obstacle you are facing or a belief you are working towards and we will explore what’s possible. These sessions are also an opportunity for you to bring any and all questions you have about the topics covered within the group so you can deepen your understanding of the material.

What do you mean managing your mind/mindset is where the magic happens?

Here's an example: You wake up with your alarm and get ready for your workout. The first thought you think is "UGH, I am not feeling this today" and the emotion you feel is dread. Now, you might get through your workout, but it wont be your best. It will be fueled by "UGH" and dread. Same scenario - alarm goes off but your thought is "I am going to CRUSH this workout!" From that mindset you feel motivated, determined and committed. That is the fuel you take into your workout and that is how you show up. The result will probably be an EPIC workout it. It's all about the mindset!

How many people will there be in the group sessions?

Back to School, Back to You will be limited to ten women and seats are available on a first come first served basis. Once we reach capacity the group will be closed for the season. 

Still have more questions? Let’s connect and address any questions or concerns you have so you can sign up with confidence. You can email me directly at or set up a time to connect here.

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