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A Leap to Life Coaching: How it Started

I wrote this post during my first week of life coach certification training. I am sharing it now as it was the motivation behind The Coach Chronicles. I thought that by sharing my journey, I could inspire others to do their work. That by offering the lessons I learned when facing an obstacle then perhaps my words will help you overcome the same obstacle in your life. I had just learned The Model from The Life Coach School and thought it was the most empowering methodology in the world. Though I had learned it in theory, I had not yet understood it. It will be my life's work to fully understand it, live it, teach it and share it with you so you too can live the life of your dreams.

A proud selfie and internal happy dance that I took this leap. I quit my job to pursue a dream of becoming a life coach. I enrolled in certification. I made a massive commitment to me.

Many moments of panic, doubt with the thought “what did I do?” running through my head.

Moments of deep reflection and gratitude – in some ways, more than I have done in the past 30+ years of therapy, Pathways, Landmark and personal coaching. This is thanks in part to learning that my thoughts can control the quality of life I lead. That I can choose what to think and, in turn, how I feel.

After first learning about the model from Master Certified Coach Brooke Castillo, founder of The Life Coach School (the school where I got my certification) I thought this was as easy as: choose a new thought and I can feel differently. Feeling sad or anxious? Then I can simply choose a new thought that will produce a happy or content feeling. My work here is done!

Not exactly.

I am learning that this is not what it is all about. Just replacing an old thought with a new one to get a different result in my life is not the end goal. In fact, I might want to think the original thought that is producing fear and anxious feelings (particularly since they are fan favorites in my brain) and fully process those emotions, fully think those thoughts – dig deep. Because if they keep coming up for me, I must not have done the work that needs to be done to fully believe a new thought.

This is tip of the iceberg. This is knowing just enough to be dangerous, but also really excited to see what lies ahead and to know I got this.

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