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Yesterday’s story is already written but tomorrow’s can be anything you believe is possible.

While you can’t change your past, you can change what it means for you today.

You can change how you define yourself.

You can change what you believe about yourself.

You can change what you believe is possible for your next chapter and this amazing life of yours!

Let me show you how.

I am Leslie and I help women and girls get to know, love and believe in themselves

so they can live the life of their dreams.

Through coaching, I offer a safe space to explore what you want in life,

what is holding you back and what it will take for you to achieve anything you desire.

I serve as a compassionate sounding board, an enthusiastic cheerleader, and an accountability ally 

as you make positive changes to move forward in life. 

Read The Coach Chronicles for insights, follow The Coach Chronicles for inspiration,

and get in touch to start your own coaching journey.


Leslie Randolph

Certified Life Coach

I am Leslie Randolph. I am a Certified Life Coach and the Chief Wisdom Officer at The Coach Chronicles, where I share insights gained and lessons learned from coaching, being a mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a failure, a success story and

an eternal work in progress.

Since I was a young girl, I've had a dream of

making the world a better place. I am living that dream by empowering women to manage their minds, recognize their worth, and live the life of their dreams.

I firmly believe when we are loving ourselves,

living intentional lives, and amplifying our gifts then we are all doing our part to change the world.

I decided to become a Life Coach

to help women and girls rewrite their stories, reclaim their worth and live the life of their dreams.
What does that mean?

It means recognizing that what happened to you does not define you. It means taking your power back. It means loving yourself. Accepting yourself. Betting on yourself and believing in yourself. For some, that might mean working to build more confidence. For others, it might be setting an impossible goal. For all, it means moving forward.

It is an honor and a privilege to do this work.

I can’t wait to see what your story entails.

Hot Air Balloon and Tulips.jpg


Do you feel stuck?

Do you feel unfulfilled in your career, relationships or just life in general?

Do you yearn for more joy in your life? Have you stopped believing in your own dreams?

Have you stopped believing in yourself?

You are not alone.

So many of us struggle to move forward. So many of us feel lost in our own lives – struggling with imposter syndrome at work, grasping for connection in our relationships. So many of us don’t know how to cultivate joy in our everyday lives. Not only have we stopped believing in our own dreams – we don’t even know or remember what we want or who we are. We are on autopilot – just going through the days versus living a life of intention.

If any of this resonates, then let's get to work!

A Life Coach can be many things and different things for different people. A Life Coach can help you identify what your current thinking is creating in your life. A Life Coach can be a sounding board – a safe space to unload your burdens or perceived obstacles, as well as explore possible solutions and strategies for growth. A Life Coach can help you identify what you want in your life – whether that’s achieving an academic goal, trying out for a new team, finding a more fulfilling career, experiencing more joy in life, building more self-confidence or creating less drama – and work with you to achieve whatever you desire.

"Leslie was born to do this!
She is a natural coach & has the ability to praise and uplift you in areas you didn't even understand you were fine or succeeding at.
However, equally she has no issues with highlighting where there is room for improvement and provokes thought as well as systematically gets you to put in the work.
She is built to equip and inspire."

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